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Queste immagini commoventi, fantasiose e leggermente inquietanti mettono in discussione l'idea stessa di ritratto attraverso l'uso del paesaggio e di motivi astratti. La galleria ha sempre cercato di esporre opere di artisti innovativi che spingono al limite il loro mezzo e il loro stile, e il lavoro di Sugiura riesce a fare proprio questo.

Siamo onorati di esporre e condividere questo brillante lavoro con i sostenitori di Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in tutto il mondo! Her precise, yet mysterious drawings arrest attention and give space for contemplation. The meticulous landscapes, in which Muheim combines traditional techniques. Art Nova , launched in , is a high-end platform that discovers and promotes young artists, who participate in the and abroad, as well as a multichannel artist promotion program.

Art Nova continues to cultivate a diverse community and a set of resources for artists, curators, academics, and collectors, while providing a means to help young artists on the path to achieving their dreams.

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At the same time, Art Nova coordinates many international exchange programs and exhibitions in cities worldwide. The Art Stays Festival of Contemporary Arts has been considered for years one of the most interesting summer events for the visual arts in Europe thanks to the strategic position of the historic city where it takes place, Ptuj in Slovenia and the intense artistic work promoted by the directors resulting from synergies, research, attention to creativity and promotion of a rich cultural program.

Now in its 17th edition, the Festival is dedicated to the Future of man, space and art. The Art Stays prize goes to Yu Kato, whose research reveals a new world of emotions that goes outside the box, relating on one hand with the viewer and on the other with time and space. La partecipazione della Galleria alle. I suoi disegni precisi e al contempo misteriosi attirano l'attenzione e danno spazio alla contemplazione.

I meticolosi paesaggi, in cui.

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The TraVellArT PDG Arte Communications Special Prize was and Installation section, giving the artist the opportunity to present his personal exhibition within the homonymous project term exhibition project, curated by Paolo De Grandis and Carlotta Scarpa, which includes a series of exhibitions dedicated to artists working in Venice and beyond, and who draw inspiration from. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

The history of mankind is made up of challenges, individual. Venetian hotel, a welcoming space for travelers, where visitors can interact with artworks which occasionally are infused with typical architecture elements. Through its forms and history, Venice enfolds and challenges these traveling works of art. The works of Pia Kintrup and Fabian Albertini seem to provide. His artworks are the testimony of a symbolic journey of change,. I lavori di Pia Kintrup e di Fabian Albertini ci sembrano fornire del quale i visitatori possono interagire con le opere di artisti proporre.

Le mappe di Kintrup svelano quanto sia relativo, per rappresentino una vera e propria rivoluzione sociale che sta portando cambiamenti irreversibili nel nostro quotidiano. Opere che sono la testimonianza di universale insieme, un viaggio nel recupero della tradizione verso il futuro. The name of the company is a reference to the completion date of the ancient Roman road along which the 30 hectares of wines of the group.

Not only production, but also design. Chelita's sculptures, made of colored aluminum, seem a natural extension of our values. We imagine our garden embellished by these artistic creations that will be usable by the people who come to visit us. Fraccaro Spumadoro was founded in when Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro opened a small bakery in Castelfranco.

From this bakery begins a confectionery tradition that will become renowned over time. A success that is based on the quality of the raw materials used, the skilled craftsmanship and the elegant packaging with a strong appeal, all distinctive characteristics of the company's products. The company has joined the Business for Art initiative of Arte Laguna Prize, thanks to which artists and creatives from all over the world have proposed a new packaging for one of Fraccaro's products. Among the various projects presented, Amelia Corvino won the prize because she was able to interpret the company spirit in a unique, recognizable and precious way.

The choice fell on the famous story The. The mixedtechnique illustration has essential and stylized traits, the skillful use of colours creates an elegant mix that captures the eye with its simplicity. An intriguing style that Fraccaro will make really special, creating a limited-edition package for an exclusive Christmas product. Oscar senses this responsibility and inserts himself through a disturbing language, yet eloquent and without ambiguity.

Innovation is the mantra of the company; just as vital is the knowledge of being part of an ecosystem, where the respect for the environment, the wise use of the territory, support to the community and the commitment to literature and art, are the foundations of an ethics that looks to the future. Starting from these premises, from this harmony on the sense of responsibility, we chose the works of Oscar Agudelo. His works start from a severe critique of anthropocentrism, but. Immaginiamo il nostro giardino abbellito da queste creazioni artistiche che saranno fruibili dalle persone che verranno a visitarci.

It is the oldest European weaving still in activity. On the original looms belonging to the Silk Guild of the Republic of Venice, even today the precious soprarizzo velvet is hand-woven with the same techniques and the same quality level imposed by the Doges. Every day the skillful hands of our weavers create unique masterpieces wealth, elegance, luxury and beauty are combined with the uniqueness of Venetian savoir-faire. The selected project shows how research, history and innovation can be merged into an artistic installation.

The union of locations, materials and new technologies create a changeable and harmonious combination that enhance the Venetian tradition and culture. Sugli originali telai appartenenti alla Scuola della Seta della Serenissima, ancora oggi si tesse a mano il prezioso velluto soprarizzo con le stesse tecniche e lo stesso livello qualitativo imposto dai Dogi. Biafarin Inc.

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Biafarin rewards the artists with cash and promotional prizes Every year, when the time comes to review the works of talented participant artists, we get excited and fascinated by the high standard and diversity of the submitted works. This year was no artworks had to be excluded due to the number of the awards. Creativity, originality, artistic excellence and concept have been the main elements for choosing the winners for Biafarin Awards Biafarin Inc. Siamo onorati che molti artisti visivi di tutto il mondo abbiano scelto Biafarin per mostrare la loro arte, aumentare la loro fama, vendere le loro opere d'arte e ottenere feedback a livello internazionale.

Quest'anno non ha fatto eccezione. The Art Spirit Foundation, founded in by Dianne Bernhard, has awarded over artists working in the medium of pastels, through national and international juried exhibitions. Having entered many exhibitions throughout her career as an artist, Founder Bernhard recognizes the importance that competitions play in developing successful careers of emerging artists.

Through the Arte Laguna Prize, selection of artist Faldina Nataliya represents the values Bernhard contemplates for outstanding recognition in the medium of pastels. The installation convinced the jury due to the ability to combine the use of recycled plastic with an in-depth research of the themes related to the sustainable development.

The outcome is an artwork with a strong artistic echo and a high impact on the visitor. The visitor who physically enters the work experiences some of the goals of the sustainable development SDG mentioned by the UN in the Agenda, such as the need to enhance the inclusive communities and to reduce the inequalities.

The feeling of oppression and freedom, and it is precisely the material basis of the traveler's nationality, are more or less distant from a development that it can be considered really sustainable. Avendo partecipato a molte mostre durante la sua carriera di artista, la fondatrice Bernhard riconosce l'importanza che i concorsi svolgono nello sviluppo di carriere di successo per gli artisti emergenti.

Certainly the difference in his comic strip production lies elsewhere, that is in putting himself at the centre of the narration of his own stories. This aspect became a distinguishing feature of the Serb cartoonist immediately after the bombardments. He wanted in this way to emphasise his highly subjective approach he was not trying to be a journalistic or historical chronicler and at the same time he certainly sharpened his perception of reality in what he was recounting, given that one of the things that one loses most quickly in war-time conditions is a recognition of what is happening to the enemy and wherein lies truth in information.

Hence there appeared both a sense of limitation I am telling you this story solely from my modest point of view , and of truthfulness it is my life and I am in it. This traveller with the binoculars of the visual metaphor leads us to discover details and continents that our eyes, myopic from the habit of seeing things half asleep, could not otherwise know.

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Marjane prendeva in mano il volume e ripeteva la stessa frase: Come se la forma diventasse per forza il contenuto. Le immagini tradiscono, tuttavia le immagini sono da sempre state le prime forme narrative del genere umano. La matematica, ma anche la fisica e la scienza hanno fornito non solo qualche spunto, ma anche provocazioni visive al mondo del fumetto. Incentrato sulla figura di Bertrand Russell, Logicomix.

Il successo editoriale del progetto risiede probabilmente nella verve che permette anche ai non addetti alla materia di avvicinarsi a temi affascinanti e complessi. Nel definire i termini e la verifica dei sistemi di coerenza, Russell non si muove in un contesto isolato e attraverso il suo racconto incontriamo altri padri della logica moderna, personaggi del calibro di Frege, Cantor, Dedekind, Hilbert e ancora Whitehead, Wittgenstein.

Stories about hunger all reek of the same privation and the same sadness. When hunger strikes it suppresses the ability to react, it makes people passive and aggression is consumed in a trice, immediately overcome by a feeling of tiredness. When it comes to hunger the populace finds it difficult to single out a culprit: The story of the famine of in Ukraine has certain peculiarities that contrast with this tragic scenario.

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Although historians are not unanimous on the theories relating to the Ukrainian genocide, the idea that the collectivisation enforced by Stalin was one of the principal causes of this famine called the Holodomor that mowed down a still uncertain number between one and a half million and ten million , is nevertheless a fact recognised by all. Even the scholar Douglas Tottle, who was interested in the use of the Ukrainian famine as a propaganda tool of Nazi fascism, does not dispute the fact that the famine actually occurred and that it wiped out an awfully large number of people nor that the role of Stalinist policies was a determining factor.

The political and physical confrontation between the Kulaks, the landowners, and the regime took place in one of the most fertile places in the world, that in just a few months became a sterile, unyielding land. There was a swift laying of blame by the Ukrainians for this terrible tragedy. This apportioning of blame contributed to the creation of a national identity for the modern-day Ukrainian state that officially commemorates that tragic period with a national ceremony.

Igort, a curious traveller, stumbled upon the stories of life in Ukraine, Russia and Siberia, and began to do what artists who tell stories do, that is to convert the pictures and the people he met into his own images. The first book is dedicated, however, solely to the Ukraine and in particular to the Holodomor, the great homicidal famine.

The majority of the testimonies relegate into second place the presence of the author and the reasons that moved him to carry out this intricate work drawn from the personal memories of the witnesses he met.

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Nevertheless this book is still primarily a travel journal. He does not just listen to the words of the witnesses he meets on this two year journey, but he creates for them a visual aide memoire, that obviously is nothing more that his memory imagined from the life experiences of others.

A travel journal is a form of support for this esoteric path, the tangible proof of it having been travelled.