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  • Attack Attack! Tad Winslow briefly. Helen Morehouse served as an executive producer for the show. Moe, in his youth, sought the role of Dr. Tad Winslow. However, he was rejected as he was too ugly. Years later, when Moe got plastic surgery to make him handsome, he went to get revenge on Helen Morehouse for rejecting him. When Moe arrived, Morehouse was arguing with Tad Winslow's actor because he wanted a pay rise.

    Moe took to the role and quickly became a hit with the ladies. One day, future plotlines were delivered to Moe and he signed for them.

    Luca Guerrieri

    After reading through the plotlines, Moe found out that Tad Winslow was to be killed off. After finding this out, Moe plotted with Homer to reveal all the future plotlines from the show.

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    After this happened, Moe was fired from his role and he and Homer were thrown off the set. However, Moe refused to be thrown off and walked out, slamming a set door behind him. The wooden frame then fell down, squashing his face and reverting him back to his old self. In one episode, Tad Winslow was in bed with Cleo. Tad told Cleo that their relationship could never work because he was a doctor and she was a 5, year old mummy who he brought back to life.

    Cleo then told Tad that she loved him and wanted to burn all the cities on Earth with him. Tad then told Cleo that their relationship was against hospital regulations and Clive Dancer was waiting for him to slip up.

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    Another episode that Moe and Homer were rehearsing had Tad arguing with Cleo. Cleo made a fool of Tad at a club and Cleo told Tad that he didn't love her, he just loved his ear, nose and throat pavilion. Tad then told Cleo that he dedicated his life to diseases of head holes but the one hole he couldn't fix was the one in his soul.

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    In Moe's final episode, Tad was in a hot tub with Contessa. Tad told Contessa that he never used to trust her but now she seems so nice. Contessa then asked if Tad would take a skydiving lesson to celebrate his newfound trust in her.