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The survey found that nearly one-in-two parents 48 percent would consider offering a monetary incentive to an educational institution to accept their child.

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But there is some disconnect between couples, as men 60 percent are more likely to take this action than women 35 percent. When couples were asked whether they would pay for answers to a standardized test to help get their child into a good school, fathers 68 percent again were more likely to bend the rules than mothers 32 percent.

The study also showed that while men 70 percent are more likely than women 48 percent to reward their child with money, women are twice as likely to say that their love for their child would sway their money decisions 23 percent of women versus 12 percent of men.

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Meanwhile, men 16 percent were more likely to say their spouse would influence their money choices. To learn more about the survey data and managing money with a partner, please visit www.

The online fieldwork occurred between July 2, to July 10, A total 1, completes were gathered in the U. Data have been weighted by age, gender and region to reflect the population. Although no one really knows what Beethoven was trying to express with this piece, this program suggests that his passion for the ideals of freedom and brotherhood fueled his Fifth Symphony.

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Search this site. Charlie Tan admits killing his father in attempt to get gun conviction sentence tossed. Coming up on Connections: Thursday, November What does Gannett-GateHouse merger mean for local newspapers and journalism in general? RPO recording nominated for two Grammy awards.

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In this scenario, dark matter emits dark photons, which are relatively massive particles. This means they have effects over only a short range, quite unlike their light-bearing counterparts.


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But occasionally, a dark photon could interact with a regular photon, changing its energy and trajectory. This would be a very rare event; otherwise, we would've noticed something funky going on with electromagnetism long ago.

So, even with dark photons, we wouldn't be able to see the dark matter directly, but we could sniff out the existence of the dark photons by examining gobs of electromagnetic interactions. In a tiny fraction of those gobs, a dark photon could "steal" energy from a regular photon by interacting with it. But like I said, we need gobs of interactions. It just so happens that we've built giant Machines of Science to produce exactly that, so we're in luck.

In the arXiv paper, physicists reported their results after examining three years' worth of data from the Super Proton Synchrotron, the second-largest particle accelerator at CERN. For this experiment, the scientists smashed the protons against the subatomic equivalent of a brick wall and looked at all the pieces in the aftermath.

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In the wreckage, the researchers found electrons — lots of them. Over the course of three years, scientists counted over 20 billion electrons with energies over GeV. Because electrons are charged particles and like to interact with each other, the high-energy electrons in this experiment also spawned a lot of photons. If dark photons exist, then they should sometimes interact with and steal energy from one of the regular photons, a phenomenon that would show up in the experiment as a lack of light. This search for dark photons came up empty — all normal photons were present and accounted for — but that doesn't entirely rule out the existence of dark photons.

Instead, it places limits on the allowable properties of these particles. If they do exist, they would be low energy less than a GeV, based on the results of the experiment and would only rarely interact with regular photons. The search for dark photons continues, however, with future runs of the experiment set to home in even further on this proposed creature of the subatomic world. Paul M.