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For this, you need to develop the ability to put yourself in other's shoes and live well with the differences, without wanting, arrogantly, that people are the way you think they should be. Even if you do not agree with the singularity of the other, it is your duty to proceed with unalterable respect for differences, at any time and place, consolidating an example of fraternal coexistence.

Accepting the positive side of emotions, even unpleasant ones, is a therapeutic way of living because it leads you to make use of two essential treatments for your healing: This inner climate produces acceptance of the personal problems you deny in yourself, allowing you to turn guilt, anger, fear, and other feelings into forces for your psychic and emotional release.

Have you ever heard someone say to someone else, "my life is you.

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As long as the main axis of your life is another person, your emotional safety will always be threatened, as the fear of loss will prowl your every minute. That way, even without meaning to, you move away from the only source of happiness and fulfillment: Have a complete view of who you are, trust your potential, and draw closer to your inner nature. Fall in love with you. How to face the death of a single child? In the face of mourning and frustration there is in this painful experience a challenging process of self-knowledge that invites you to see life differently and to accept the fact that you can not change what is beyond your capacity and reach.

Above all, forgive yourself and who hurts you. This is the key to your liberation.

The first step to inner is the self-love. Do your best and make a commitment to never give up fighting and seeking your happiness.

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Listening to feelings does not mean adopting them promptly, but accepting them in your intimacy and creating a friendly relationship with all of them without repressing or embarrassing yourself. This attitude is the first step towards an educational dialogue with your inner world. Only then you will have connection with your real psychological identity, allowing the self-discovery in the direction of your uniqueness.

Change is a decision that only you can make.


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And it should be a change accomplished with deep respect, knowledge of your abilities, and love yourself. Avoid the rules that force you to follow paths that hurt you and to hold labels that have nothing to do with your inner nature. How long are you willing to live under the weight of these illusions? Know your truth above appearances.

Open yourself a new way to connect with your individuality and put love beyond everything. You are a free agent and for this reason you can modify your life schedule at any time, there are always alternative plans. For this reason, you are totally responsible for the choices you make since life is a set of opportunities that will lead you to choose the best paths.

The main starting points for achieving the pleasure of living are based on the following principles: This set of principles forms the basis of their liberation and pleasure of life. One of the fundamental points of this work is the recovery of self-esteem.

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  • It is possible to create a more organized psychological life around inner serenity. Just realize the benefits of respect for yourself. Your mental health and emotional balance depend on knowing how to develop a relationship that is rich of self-love. Free yourself from anxiety and distress by directing your resources to the only time that really matters: In it you can build a new, wide and lucid look that will lead you to see your truths beyond appearances.

    Through self-knowledge, seek the consciousness of being fully and being the driver of your destiny. Start looking more for what you want, get ready to give up your list of charges for everything you have done for the one you love, invest in a therapeutic process that helps you understand your emotions, make a commitment with your light side that is waiting for care, have the courage to look at the true dark feelings you have and, above all, believe that any time and in any age, life begins even when you courageously decide to love and give yourself the title of most important person of your life.

    Often, your way of loving is closer to an individualistic view than to an authentic experience of this feeling. For a correct perception, begin to observe your performance in life.

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    Family, work, religious and social activities come to be seen with a new look. You are no longer inserted in them as the simple consequence of the act of living.

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    You act objectively as a transformation agent of yourself and of the world. It is time to start seeing yourself in a more conscious and safe way, providing a lucid and constructive performance. Realize that it is not you who are in the world, but the world that is in you. Seek and build this new look to the world. Guided by the concept of continuing education, Sesc promotes encounters between people and different artistic and cultural manifestations, publishing books with an emphasis on the arts and humanities. Marcos Lepiscopo lepiscopo edicoes.

    A collection of essays by Brazilian and French philosophers, the Mutations series discusses the new projects of life that technology presents and the collapse of strong moral, ethical and political paradigms. Praise of Sloth approaches idleness in order to rethink the meaning of life in a world of incessant labor. Passionate Sources of Violence reflects on the innumerous sources and kinds of violence in the contemporary world.

    The New Utopic Spirit analyses the concept of utopia throughout history and how it is understood and expressed nowadays. A classic of the historiography of world cinema in Brazil, Seventh art presents the affirmation of cinema as a form of art and the reasons for its reception as a fundamentally modern artistic language. After many years out of print, this book returns with a new introduction by the author, as well as notes commenting on the text in the light of the evolution of cinema and its critique.

    Ismail Xavier is considered one of the most important thinkers and professors of the critique and history of cinema in Brazil. On average we release six publications a month, all written by Brazilian authors. Alexandre Massa alexandre atheneu. Elias Knobel was able to bring together a team that demonstrated that, with high technology and qualified human resources, it was possible to produce and publish scientific publications and works.

    Is a book in which all this experience is contained in its various sections and chapters, disseminating and generating knowledge for health professionals. Recent advances in oncology have represented a significant paradigm shift in understanding the natural history of cancer patients. In recent years, cancer has come to be understood as a chronic disease with multiple forms of treatment, and the patient, whose survival has increased considerably, is exposed for a longer time to risk factors for cardiovascular disease and suffers the potential injuries of treatment with effects of cardiotoxicity.

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    The cardiologist plays a fundamental role in the care of the cancer patient - to promote the adequacy of the means for the patient to receive the proposed treatment in a safe manner, guaranteeing the maximum cardiovascular protection. Simultaneously, the interaction between the cardiologist and the oncologist aims to promote the cardiovascular health of the cancer patient, preventing, diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases in an efficient way.

    In Brazil, cardiovascular disease has shown worrying growth, due to changes in lifestyle, especially sedentary lifestyle, stress and food.

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    Its growth also extends to population aging. In this sense, it is understood the urgent need to expand the prevention and promotion of cardiovascular health, as well as its treatment and rehabilitation. Its dissemination through the media and public health programs is part of these actions to reduce its incidence. And the classic of Brazilian Anesthesiology, now in its eighth edition, fully revised and expanded. The editors constructed the book based on the major themes of the evidence for the top title in anesthesiology.

    They also followed the curriculum practiced for the future specialists in the centers of education of anesthesiology training existing in the main states of Brazil. The book is geared towards suppressing pain or at least its relief. Treated patients, although with sufficiently recovered survival or quality of life, presented chronic pungent pain. The pro-euthanasia current has emerged in the last decade.

    But euthanasia was not the way to relieving pain. There were other resources that medical science, with its advancement, would offer. The book is the result of the unique joint effort of its Editors, Associate Editors and Authors. It draws attention to his creative didactic, unique approach in the comprehensive and at the same time detailed form that begins in the doctor-patient relationship, extends to the careful clinical examination and, finally, reaches the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment.

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