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As schoolboy he was mainly distinguished for a love of dress and of athletics.

But he traced his first religious impressions to the American war fast day of , kept while he was at Eton. On going up to Cambridge in January he was still further influenced by finding that attendance at the holy communion was expected of him.

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Simeon soon became known for his religious convictions; he sought to influence his friends, instructed his servants, and looked forward to the ministry as his calling. His scholarship at King's was duly succeeded by a fellowship January , and with this as his title Simeon was ordained deacon by the bishop of Ely on 26 May Shortly afterwards he made the acquaintance of John Venn, and through him of his father, Henry Venn [q.

In the following year he was ordained priest and graduated B. Simeon worked first in the parish of St.

Charles Simeon

Edward's, Cambridge, but the living of Holy Trinity, Cambridge, falling vacant, Simeon at his father's request was appointed to it. His first sermon here was preached on 4 Jan. The parishioners of Holy Trinity, who had wished for another incumbent, were at first hostile to Simeon, and his reputation for piety provoked unfavourable comment from the junior members of the university.

His parishioners locked up their pews, undergraduates disturbed the services; he was insulted in the streets; even his curates, though men of distinction like James Scholefield [q. In the meantime Simeon pursued his parish work with unflagging energy.

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This activity gradually wore down opposition, and Simeon's benevolence during the famine of helped to conciliate his critics. His official position in his college also helped him. He is the author of over 30 books, of which more than two million copies have sold. If you have any questions, please review our Privacy Policy or email us at support olivetree.

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Charles Simeon: Meditations on the Life

Add to Wish List. Features Click on a feature to learn more. Tap on a feature to learn more. Appointed Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge, in , he gave himself to expository preaching, and to a long ministry to undergraduates. His Simeon Trust was formed to purchase livings for evangelicals.

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His loyalty to the Church of England never wavered and he insisted on the primacy of parish work over itinerancy. Charles Simeon All Sources -. Updated Media sources 1 About encyclopedia. Simeon, Charles oxford. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.